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Multigrain Atta with 50% Wheat + 40% Millets + 10% Jackfruit Dried
(Wheat variant and other ingredients are customizable)

  • Atta consistency: Atta with equal quantity of wheat and millets + pulses, HIGH-FIBRE atta.
  • Add more water to get the right Dough consistency.  
  • Roti Output- Moderately Soft Roti
  • Wheat Type:  Premium Sharbati or Samba/Chapli Wheat (based on your selection)

We recommend you to order Multigrain Atta Minimum quantity of 3Kg to ensure that all the ingredients in the right proportion are added as needed



  • Custom Milled Atta (Select ingredients, quantity, fineness etc as you wish)
  • Milled against order only (not prepacked)
  • Milled with husk and not sieved (Full Fibre)
  • Sustainable packing (Zero Plastic Store)
  • Daily delivery across Bangalore
  • We use washed and dried grains ONLY for milling (after 3 step cleaning process)
  • Washed and dried grains are stored in Hermetic Bags
    • (Non-pesticide storage technique)

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