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Multigrain Atta with 0% Wheat + 40% Millets ,20% Nuts, 20% Pulses and 20% Grains
(Wheat variant and other ingredients customizable)

  • Atta consistancy : Atta with equal quanity of wheat and millets + pulses ,  HIGH-FIBRE atta.
  • Add more water to get the right Dough consistancy  
  • Roti Output- Moderately Hard

(Multigrain Atta Minimum quantity is kept at 3KG to ensure that all the ingredients in right proportion are added as needed)


  • Custom Milled Atta (Select ingredients, quantity, fineness etc as you wish)
  • Milled against order only (not prepacked)
  • Milled with husk and not sieved (Full Fibre)
  • Sustainable packing (Zero Plastic Store)
  • Daily delivery across Bangalore
  • We use washed and dried grains ONLY for milling (after 3 step cleaning process)
  • Washed and dried grains are stored in Hermetic Bags
    • (Non-pesticide storage technique)

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