About Us

Freshly Milled, Food.

Freshivores® is a Spice, Flour & Oil Mill brand solely owned by “Gastronomy Legacy Fresh Food Private Limited”. Our motto is to deliver best quality, freshly produced, pure food at affordable prices. Our passion, commitment and industry knowledge help us to purchase superior quality produces, process it with utmost care and deliver it to you without losing its freshness or nutritional facts.

Why Us?

Live milling

Live milling of all products (Grinded only upon your order, no prepacked flour or spice powder)


Sourcing maximum produces directly from farmers or farming societies.

Freshivores, Gunjur

First Floor , Myhna Square, Vunayaka Nagar, Gunjur, BANGALORE ,BANGALORE

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Freshivores, Cloud Mill

KCR Complex, Rayasandra, Naganathapura, Bengaluru ,Bengaluru

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Freshivores, Akshaya

BNR Towers, Begur Koppa Road, Yelanahalli, BANGALORE ,BANGALORE

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